To make a reservation type in your username and password OR click on "become a requestor" to receive a password.

To run a report for facility availability, follow these steps report instructions.


ALL special requirements (piano, risers, projector, microphone, tables, chairs, etc...) must be provided when requesting a facility.  Failure to provide all information requiring special needs, etc., will be cause for postponing event.  If on event day and a technical operator needs to be provided by the school--event will be canceled.

ALL events requiring a technical operator must be requested at the time of completing original request.  If providing own technical operator, name must be provided on initial registration and individual must meet with the PAC Technical Director several days prior to event.

If a projector is needed for presentation, specify type of computer for setup purposes--MAC or PC.

Custodians must be on-site beginning 30 minutes prior to event until event is completed.  Setup time and event time must be specified on original request.

When using the Performance Art Center the lights located on the "cat walk" are not to be removed or relocated at any time.  If modifications are needed, please contact PAC Technical Director at (308) 762-3359.

For further information on reserving a facility, please contact Julie Lawrence at (308) 762-5475 Monday through Friday 8 am - 5 pm or